We Do High School Fundraisers!

High School Fundraising IdeasHigh School Fundraisers are our specialty at EmbroideryYourWay.com. Nothing is more perfect for a High School Fundraising opportunity than a PORT duffel bag embroidered with your school mascot or name. This duffel bag is big enough to carry THREE basketballs and anything a high school student totes. These duffel bags are not only built to last but come in 10 stunning colors so one is sure to match your school colors.

Perfect High School Fundraiser For Your Group

This is the perfect High School Fundraising opportunity for your sports team or high school group. No door-to-door sales involved at all! Just display these well-made duffels at your school, sporting events or school activities and watch them sell themselves. No more high school fundraisers selling food or something that nobody will use. These duffels are practical, affordable and promote the spirit of your high school while earning your club or team money. Everybody wins!

Some of the great features of these duffel bags include:

  • D-shaped zippered opening for easy access
  • Padded handle
  • Embroidered logo design on top
  • Two front pockets
  • Two side pockets (One on each side)

Contact us and we'll help you put together your high school fundraising opportunity.